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We are a team of professional bilingual wedding DJ’s and quinceañera DJ’s as well as playing the key role of master of ceremonies (MC’s). We also play in numerous nightlife events around the county of San Diego. Our experience gives us the edge to make your dream event a reality. Here is an example of a breakdown on how we work.

Meeting: We first begin by scheduling a non-commitment meeting to discuss all the details needed. This means you are not committed to hiring us; we are just happy to show you what we can do for you. We collect all the information needed to better understand how you envision your special day. It is completely understandable to not have all the details ready during this meeting as you are still in the process of planning, but it helps to speak about your wants and needs since we will be able to offer our share of knowledge and experience with past events. Together we can plan an itinerary for your day and make sure everything flows like it should. This meeting is crucial as it allows us get to know you better, after all, we enjoy building a relationship with our clients! 


Contract & Payment: If you are completely happy with us, then we can proceed to reserve your date by signing a contract with the deposit needed. If you have any further questions or changes on the itinerary, you can also contact us at any time. We usually meet two more times before the day of the event to ensure we are updated with all the information we need. 


What to expect from us during the event: We are very punctual therefore you can expect us to arrive as early as possible. We prefer to set up our equipment the minute we are allowed into the venue. Yes, that means we set up hours before the event at no additional cost! The reason for doing this is because we want to ensure our equipment looks presentable and is ready to go by the time your guests arrive. 

We will also be dressed in a professional manner and greet your guests with any announcements needed as they arrive for a welcoming environment. As DJ’s and MC’s we will be sure to stay on top of playing the music you have selected or entrusted us with along with announcing all the line of events in a professional yet enthusiastic tone. 


If you are celebrating a wedding, then we hope you love wedding games as much as we do! We celebrate with several fun and exciting games to help break the ice and make your day memorable.

One of our personal favorites is the “Shoe Game” or as we like to call it, the “Questions Game” since we won’t require you to take off your shoes. We will have you sitting back to back holding two signs each. One with the groom’s name and one with the bride’s name. We will ask several questions about your relationship and you can only answer by raising the sign with the name that best answers that question. You will hear many laughs as only your family and friends can see which answers you both agree on and which you don’t. This is a game that is sure to bring laughter and excitement to your wedding day.

Another popular game is the “Couples Dance” where we ask all the married couples to join us on the dance floor and dance one song. We will slowly eliminate  the couples who are married for the least amount of time and eventually reach our last couple. We ask the last couple standing to share with you, the newlyweds, what has worked for them for so many years that can help you two have a long and successful marriage. It is a beautiful dance and married couples love bragging about the years they’ve been married for so it fits perfect for any wedding!

If you have the time to fit these games into your reception, then we highly encourage them. They are sure to bring up many memories your loved ones will bring up when they think back on your wedding day. 


After all the special dances and open dance comes to an end, we like to end the night on a special note. We invite all your loved ones to form a big circle around you and end the night with a last slow dance.


“Creating Timeless Memories” is our slogan here at Elite Time Entertainment for a reason. We think of your needs and make sure we transform your day into the happiest day of your life. We won’t stop until you are only beyond satisfied with our service. 

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