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Here at Elite Time Entertainment, we take great pride in going above and beyond for our wedding events. We understand weddings can be very stressful to plan when you're dealing with many vendors, so we want to make it as easy as possible on our side. We take our time to get to know you and find out exactly what your wedding day should look like. Every couple will envision their wedding day different, so getting to know you helps us provide the right ambience you're searching for. We'll make sure to offer our experience with previous weddings to help plan the perfect line of events with you. You are also more than welcome to reach us at any time with any questions or comments. Our goal is to make your event special and unforgettable.  

Looking for the best value for the price you pay? You don't have to sacrifice quality just because you're looking for something more intimate. Our packages cater to events of all sizes. 

Below are the packages we provide. Pick the one that best fits your wedding size. All packages include the same professionalism, music library with hits of all time and a bilingual MC with an enthusiastic tone to create the right atmosphere.

Here comes the bride


This package is perfect for weddings accommodating 150 guests or less. All the essentials in one without the extra cost that comes with bigger setups. It's simple design allows for minimum space required especially in tight spaces.



This may be our Mid-Size Reception package, but it can be loud enough for a venue fitting up to 300 guests depending on the venue layout. Aside of it's elegant design, this package includes an upgrade on lights which are controlled with a secondary laptop for better effects.



Our largest of the three packages provides the most sound and lighting. It's big design leaves a big impression with it's presence. It's computer-programmed lighting resembles "club lighting" filling the dance floor and venue. It includes twice as much as lighting as our Mid-Size Reception Package and more reinforced sound as well.

Large Reception

*suggested for venues accommodating over 250 guests 

  • 4 powered speakers

  • 2 18' subwoofers

  • Facade (dj booth)

  • 4 truss bars

  • 6 uplights for DJ booth area only

  • 8 moving heads (intelligent lighting)

  • 4 wash lights

  • 1 wireless microphone

  • Fog machine (unless venue doesn’t permit)

  • Scheduling of itinerary if one is not provided

Ceremony package is perfect for those events where you need additional sound in a nearby or different location. It is mostly used to play pre-ceremony music, entrance and exit songs. This is not a complete set up for a reception.


  • 1 powered speaker

  • Music library contains instrumental music during guest arrival

  • 1 wireless microphone


We also provide extra stylish packages to add a classy touch to your venue. These can be combined with any of the packages mentioned above.


Enhance your venue with extra lighting  to match the decor of the hall. Up to 16 wired lights that can be placed in variations for multiple effects. Make your Head Table stand out with beautiful lighting placed behind it. 

Small Reception

  • 2 powered speakers

  • 2 party light fixtures (wash lights) on T bar with scrim cover

  • 1 wireless microphone

First Dance


Add a large custom design with your name(s) on it so everyone can see! Up to 2 monograms available that can be placed facing the dance floor and/or walls. 

TV Package

Thinking about adding a slideshow for your guests to see? This TV Package includes 2 50" TV's placed on 2 uplit truss totems for an elegant look. Before and after the slideshow, we will display a custom design with your name(s) or phrase to match the colors of your venue. These are best used spread on each side of  the hall so everyone can get a clear image of your pictures.

Party Favors

Add a package of 50 light foam sticks and 25 balloons to your party! These party favors are sure to entertain your guests and drive everyone to the dance floor.

TV Banners

Mid-Size Reception

  • 2 powered speakers

  • 2 18' subwoofers

  • Facade (dj booth)

  • 2 truss bars

  • 4 uplights for DJ booth area only

  • 4 moving heads (intelligent lighting)

  • 2 wash lights 

  • 1 wireless microphone

  • Fog machine (unless venue doesn’t permit)

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