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3 Helpful Tips on Finding the Right Wedding DJ.

Most girls out there have been planning their wedding day, each in their own perfect way since a very young age. The bar is set high, as this will be the most important day of their lives. From venue and decorations, to food and cake, to picking the right dress; finding the right DJ depends a lot on how you envision your wedding day. While Dj's all have in common the same job description, every DJ works differently. Each DJ has grown to specialize in a certain area more than others. Not all DJ's specialize in weddings. Don't make the mistake of hiring the wrong DJ and spoiling this big celebration you have long dreamed of to be perfect.

Today we'll give you three tips on how to find the right DJ for your wedding.


There is no better way to find a DJ you can trust than by hearing about them from close friends and family. They will give you insight on what it was like to work with them and how satisfied they were with the turnout of the event. They will often have video of the DJ in action so you can get an idea of what it could possibly look like at your big day. Keep in mind that a DJ performs based on requests by the couple so no two weddings will look exactly alike.

You can also find DJ's in your area by checking reputable online sources such as "The Knot" and "Yelp." If the venue you are getting married at has a preferred vendor's list, then they will only recommend the most qualified DJ, as their reputation is on the line.



Personally experience the different ways a DJ can perform. The more weddings you attend, the more you will learn about the importance of the DJ’s role. Get familiar with what you enjoy the most and be picky- after all, it is YOUR WEDDING! If you have a possible DJ in mind, ask if it's ok to see them perform at another wedding.

An unforgettable wedding consists of not only a great itinerary flow but also of a high energy open dance! Aside of the formal part of the evening, be sure the DJ plays the music that you and your guests will enjoy. An alternative to hearing them live, is checking for their mixes online. Ask for online sources to visit sample mixes they have uploaded or request a hard copy of their work.



We can't stress enough how important it is to build a trusting relationship with your DJ. Once you find your top choice or choices ask to meet with them for a non-commitment meeting. Most DJ's will be more than glad to meet and discuss what they can do for you. From this you can learn more about a person than you think.

Pay close attention to the following details:

First of all, are they dressed accordingly on the day as planned? And are they punctual? This reflects the presentation they offer and commitment they have. Someone showing up in workout clothes isn't the most convincing to give your business to. A person who won't show up to the meeting gives the impression they might be late on the day of your wedding or worse, not show up.

Communication is essential in putting the whole itinerary together. A DJ who is easy to talk to will make it much easier for you to stay on top of changes or updates.

Their experience will show through their familiarity with the line of events. An experienced DJ will suggest, but not demand certain ways to help improve your itinerary or help you create one with top song choices for your special dances.

Most DJ's today also play the key role of an MC. Listen to their tone of voice and the energy they give off as that is the atmosphere they will set on the day of.


Depending on how you envision your wedding, you will be able to find which DJ is right for you. A great DJ nonetheless, will have a good balance of professionalism and enthusiasm to offer. Your DJ should carry your vision through and honor your requests. Once the night is over, guests will only remember and say great things about a wedding where the reception was filled with excitement. Hopefully these tips will ease the stress of finding the right DJ.

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